Safety Guides

1. Make sure all Hoop links is properly connected before a Hooping session. 

2. Check that the Weighted Ball is properly connected to the Hoop, before every Hooping session.

3. Always Hoop in an open area, A garden if possible  

4. Maintain proper form, Keep your spine straight and your core engaged while you’re hooping. Avoid bending over at the waist.

5. Proceed with caution if you have a back injury. If you have a back injury or chronic back pain, check with your doctor or physical therapist before trying hula hooping to make sure it’s safe for you.

6. Make sure you have at least one recovery day, preferably two, every week. 

7. Cool Down, Make cooling down the final phase of your Hooping routine. It should take twice as long as your hooping session. Slow your motions and lessen the intensity of your movements for at least 10 minutes before you stop completely. This phase of a safe Hooping program should conclude when your skin is dry and you have cooled down.